Tarot Cards

I love magic.  All lives should have that impossible aspiration to reach for.  All true heroes reach for them.  Magic, whether it be a rabbit’s expulsion from a top hat or spiritual venture into higher plains, serves to remind us of the impossible achievement that the best of us will always quest to the bitter end for.

The greatest magic I can offer the world is creation.  I make no serious claim to be able to divine anyone’s future.  More importantly: I mean disrespect to men and women who read cards for any reason of their choosing.

The skeptics and spiritualists alike who may read this have every responsibility to be who you are.  I wish only for each of you to feel sincere joy and fulfillment wherever you may find it.  I exist in a space between the two parties.  Tarot cards are a very effective means with which to pick out thoughts I never knew myself capable of, and to pull up forgotten memories.

They are the means by which I perform my favorite magic: creation.

Unless otherwise stated, all readings for this web site are performed with the Dark Grimoire Tarot designed by Michele Penco & published by Lo Scarabeo / Llewellyn Worldwide.

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