About the Podcast

Dark Arcanum was created as an outlet for the author’s shortest horror pieces. It was named after two elements of his creative output.

Arcanasphere – the author’s musical project

Tarot cards – which often assist in the writing process.

About the Author

Andrew M Johnston is currently employed as a web designer and marketer. His dabbling with podcasting goes back as far as early 2005, when he used the emerging technology to help promote his music.

He has also worked as a freelance writer for a locally produced MMO.  The experience there gave him the inspiration and courage to take his writing into the public arena.

He currently spends his free time writing, playing video games with his kids, and as a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Get the Theme Song

As of May 7, 2011, I am offering the theme song as a free download for your personal use.  The song is called Destroyer Awakens and can be downloaded along with much more music.

Destroyer Awakens.

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