Dark Arcanum Collection 1 Participating Read an eBook Week, March 2-8 2014

That was a lot.  Smashwords has some really great books that are regularly priced around a dollar or two.  My favorites have been nonfiction.   There is a lot of great work from people who write as an act of love to be found there.

Dark Arcanum Collection #1, will also be taking part in that sale.  The collection will be free for those days.  Then it will return to its ninety-nine cent price.

I don’t know who else is participating in the sale.  I will only encourage you to spend a few minutes browsing Smashwords during Read an eBook week.

About Andrew M Johnston

Andrew M. Johnston has worked in a haunted house, web design and video game development. He records music in his spare time at home and infrequently performs on stage in the Austin area.
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