Shadow of the Unnamable

Shadow of the Unnamable is a short film by Sascha Renninger, based off The Unnamable by H.P. Lovecraft.

I am excited to see what another person’s love of Lovecraft – especially the character of Randolph Carter – will look like on film.  There is a quote in the “about” section of the movie which states:

From the first time Sascha read the short story, he was hooked.

I know the feeling.  The ones that struck me were The Silver Key and Through the Gates of the Silver Key.  Those stories take place later in the life of Randolph Carter.  Sascha’s work should be intriguing to all Lovecraft fans, but has captured my attention for this reason.

Please go visit the site.  There is a trailer available and some glowing reviews of the film.

My best wishes to the filmmakers.  Thank you for keeping Randolph Carter in the hearts, minds and nightmares of horror fans.

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Andrew M. Johnston has worked in a haunted house, web design and video game development. He records music in his spare time at home and infrequently performs on stage in the Austin area.
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