Dark Arcanum Collection 1 Participating Read an eBook Week, March 2-8 2014

That was a lot.  Smashwords has some really great books that are regularly priced around a dollar or two.  My favorites have been nonfiction.   There is a lot of great work from people who write as an act of love to be found there.

Dark Arcanum Collection #1, will also be taking part in that sale.  The collection will be free for those days.  Then it will return to its ninety-nine cent price.

I don’t know who else is participating in the sale.  I will only encourage you to spend a few minutes browsing Smashwords during Read an eBook week.

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Now Ad-Free

I never liked running ads here and no one liked clicking on them.

No more ads.

With everything going on lately I haven’t wanted to stay in scary spaces.  I haven’t had time to stay in scary spaces.  The scary spaces will always call to me.

Expect more eventually.

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Podcast – A Surrender to Virtue

What makes a person good or evil?  What kind of action is good, and what kind is evil?  Two brothers, Holden and Steven, face that issue in tonight’s story.

Steven woke up stuck with sweat to a leather couch.  He instinctively grabbed for his right wrist and felt a metal clasp around it.  He did not feel his watch.

Halloween draws near.  Let’s share some stories again.

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Autumn 2013 Update

Halloween is coming again, and I’m in the kind of mood to get this podcast going for a couple more months.
Also, there are some exciting things happening for a lot of people I respect.  Movies, books, video games, and even a tarot deck. I have nothing to do with these projects except as a fan/purchaser/crowdfunding backer.  They are related to the horror genre and they are very exciting to me.
Hopefully this site will be active again between now and November.
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Weekend Romance Reading, April 26, 2013

They’re back!  The deck I wrote these with vanished for several months.  Now that they’re back with me, so is the motivation to read for all of you again.
This time, I’m willing to read for you.  Leave a comment below or at the Facebook page and I might give you the worst possible news in return.
Influence from the Past: Strength
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